Fitness bot - @MyFitMix

MyFitMix is a Raspberry Pi powered Twitter bot that has been built with the aim of helping people who are struggling to get back into an exercise routine during lockdown. Originally based on the principle that on average, it takes 10 weeks for a new habit to form, but now following guidance from @bjfogg's book, Tiny Habits.

Exercise Prompt Tweets

  • Prompts sent at any time of the day based on follower's preference

  • Simple, no equipment needed exercises with just one rep

  • 2 rest days per week, but these are calculated randomly and change each week. Each rest day becomes a nice surprise as a reward!

  • Exercises are randomly generated each day to keep it interesting.

Version History

v0.4 - 27th February 2021

  • Change to simple no equipment exercises only

  • Change exercises to 2 reps only as per Tiny Habits

  • Replace 5:2 with 'Today will be a great day' tweet as per Tiny Habits

v0.3 - 6th February 2021

  • Exercise duration change to start with a much smaller goal; sequence = week 1: 3 min workout, week 2: 6 min workout, week 3: 9 min workout, week 4: 12 min workout, week 5: 15 min workout, week 6: 18 min workout, week 7: 21 min workout, week 8: 24 min workout, week 9: 27 min workout, week 10: 30 min workout

  • Focus on habit forming

v0.2 - 5th February 2021

  • External JSON user file

  • 5:2 diet random fast days - 2 out of every 7 days

  • Exercise rest days - 2 out of every 7 days

v0.1 - 1st February 2021

  • Random rest, choice, active days

  • Random exercise workouts of X minute intervals

  • Inline user JSON

  • Daily morning & evening greetings in multiple languages

  • Timed tweets


  • Auto-subscribe via DM

  • Add day between 2 fast days if they are concurrent

  • Motivation messages

  • Week 10+ workouts